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Aberdeen School District water testing

In the news

Aberdeen School District water testing

Grays Harbor County Public Health & Social Services Department

News reports about levels of lead in drinking water at Aberdeen School District schools are raising questions about the safety of drinking water.

  • Community water systems are required to regularly test for lead and other contaminants to ensure the water provided is safe to drink.  If you have concerns about the safety of your drinking water, you should contact your public utility company.
  • Lead in drinking water usually comes from water distribution lines or the plumbing in your home, especially if your home was built before 1986.

It is important to understand that water is not a major source of lead exposure.  Lead paint, dust, and contaminated soil are usually the most significant sources of lead exposure.

If you're concerned that your child may have been exposed to lead, call:

  • your medical provider
  • Lisa Leitz, RN, Communicable Disease Program Coordinator at (360) 532-8631 x.4044

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